Paleo “Oatmeal”

After not blogging for about a week and a half, I’m back! My schedule has been crazy between visiting Norfolk, visiting my parents in Nags Head and applying for jobs, so I have sadly been neglecting Strides & Sweets 😦 After some of my sorority sisters bug me about wanting to read my blog, I decided it was about time to get back on the blog train!

I started out my morning with a five mile run. It was very cloudy, and it actually started sprinkling half way through, but the breeze felt fantastic. I stopped my training plan that I was following for the Wicked 10k that I’ll be participating in, in a few weeks, simply because I noticed that I’ve been on a running schedule since May, back when I started my half-marathon training. Being on a plan for that long, at least for me, takes away the joy of running. I found myself dreading to do the “assigned” workout of the day (especially the 9 x 400s) and I don’t want running to become reluctant. I genuinely love running and I want every run to be desired, not forced. With that said, I just run every two days. I run whatever my body is telling me, whether it’s a long, hard run, a short, easy run or treadmill intervals. In between, I’ve been focusing on strength training with the help of Casey 🙂 and hot yoga. Hot yoga is extremely beneficial, especially for runners (not to mention a great detox!) After completing my run, I walked through the door and found myself craving something warm. Luckily, I had something in mind that I’ve been wanting to try for weeks now.

I’ve been going back and forth about whether or not I want to experiment with the “Paleo Diet.” I honestly think I could do it no problem, if it weren’t for the “no peanut butter or Greek yogurt” rule. Despite that, I made Paleo oatmeal for breakfast. I came across the recipe while reading Peanut Butter Fingers, in which she found the original recipe from Joelle, blogger of On a Pink Typewriter. (You can find her original recipe by clicking the link!) I mostly followed Joelle’s recipe, except, since I didn’t have cinnamon or vanilla extract, I just swapped them for 2 packets of Truvia. I originally planned on using pumpkin pie spice to substitute the cinnamon, but after realizing that the flax seed I purchased at Kroger yesterday had mixed berries in it, I decided against it.

finished product!

I ended up adding a handful of blueberries and a tablespoon of almond butter to thicken it up a bit! Although peanut butter is a no-no, almond butter is Paleo-friendly! Apparently peanuts are considered a legume, not a nut? Who woulda thought?

In all honesty, my initial reaction to trying the “oatmeal” was “eh.” I guess I had high expectations for this to be similar to real old fashioned oats. After eating a few bites, I slowly became accustomed to the texture, which is very fluffy. It kind of reminds me of bread pudding almost? Or chocolate mousse? I’ll definitely be making it again though, it’s filling and satisfying!

I hope everyone has a happy Thursday! I’m off to donate plasma. This should be interesting..