Six at Sunrise

Although hearing the alarm go off and dragging myself out of bed before the sun is even awake might possibly be one of the most evil things ever known to man kind, watching the sunrise as I run always reminds how worth it is. This morning I ran 6 miles. Saturdays are supposed to be my ‘long run days’ but since I’ll be in Norfolk and having a grand ol’ time with my Zetas, I know I won’t get any sort of workout in. 😛 I knew I wanted to participate in the Wicked 10K again this year so not soon after my half marathon, I created a 10k training plan. I’m tellin’ you, I’m a running fanatic! I will be honest though, I haven’t been the best at really sticking to it; between moving and job searching, my runs have been extremely frustrating. I was looking through Pinterest this morning to get some motivation and I stumbled across this from Jenny Sugar on FitSugar which was all I needed:

Always remember that tomorrow, you want to be proud of what you did yesterday, not regretful. Do what you love, everyday. Make each day have a purpose.

Once I stepped outside and realized how chilly it was (fall is finally here, yay!) I decided to make it a treadmill-semi-interval-long-run-kinda-day. As much as I enjoy running outside, running on the treadmill gives me the chance to listen to my audiobook I downloaded a while back. Laugh all you want but for me it helps me focus on listening to the story rather than concentrating on how much further I have until I’m done. After lacing up my shoes and eating a small banana I headed to the gym.

Awesome read! She’s like a female Nicholas Sparks!

I stepped on the treadmill and instantly remembered I had stashed a couple mints from a friends’ work last night. I have this weird habit of always having to chew on something when I run whether its a mint or a piece of gum. I think it’s another mental thing? It helps me focus and concentrate? Who knows.

They even have Breast Cancer Awareness ribbons on them! 🙂

I made up my run as I went but kept a mental note of it so I could come home and share with with you all. I was definitely red-faced and sweaty when I left but felt great about it. Maybe I’m starting to get my stride back. 😉 Here’s a break down of my 6 mile treadmill run. If you follow it exactly, it will have you finishing 6 miles in a little over 52 minutes which is goal finish time for the Wicked 10K!

One book and fifty-two minutes later, I was done!

I originally had planned on coming home grabbing a small bite to eat and heading to Hot Yoga at 9:30 but my stomach was screaming at me to eat so, I listened. I was craving peanut butter and carbs and of course Greek yogurt, so I whipped up something quick. While I toasted a whole wheat English muffin, I grabbed a strawberry Greek yogurt out of the fridge, took a little from the container and mixed a tablespoon of peanut butter with it.

I spread the mixture onto the toasted English muffin and ate the remaining yogurt by itself.

Voila! A quick, healthy breakfast!

No more hunger pangs=happy girl.

Now, I’m off to do a little cleaning and packing before making my mini road trip to the 757! I’ll post an update later tonight!